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March 18th 2020


30 Before 30 Commitments : So much living left to do.

I had some of my nearest and dearests recommend me goals for a 30 before 30 list. So far we’ve reached 23.

Please see the list below.

..accepting suggestions, slothful sorts need not apply. 

  1. Complete 5 Marathons (L)
  2. Host a Gallery Show (M)
  3. Photo a day (Check) (L)
  4. Write a book, even if its a bad one.. (M)
  5. Mirror self sculpture portrait (M)
  6. Apply for work visa in Australia (M)
  7. Girls trip with Brittany (B)
  8. Adopt a vegetarian diet (except Sundays)(B)
  9. Get another Tattoo (B)
  10. Do a MSP movie in the Park Night (B)
  11. Have an experience with a wolf (B+L+Champaign)
  12. Boundary Waters Portage Trip (L)
  13. Stop being a little bitch at braids (L)
  14. Successfully go fishing (?)
  15. Donate Blood (R)
  16. Plant Herbs & Keep them through the winter (E)
  17. Write an old fashioned, post in the mail, letter per month (E)
  18. Book a trip to New Zealand (C)
  19. Go Sky Diving with Christian and Emma (C)
  20. Do something that terrifies you (B)
  21. 24 outs of Meditation (C)
  22. Paint a painting of a landscape you love (E)
  23. Write & Illustrate a children’s book (R)

    More to come! Thanks for the people to blame for those above.