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 About Me

Hi! I’m Lael

I Photograph Honest moments

There are a lot of talented people out there interested in making perfect portraits.

I’m not one of them.

When I bought my first camera in 2010 I named it “Ebenezer” the name means stone of help in Hebrew. I bought that camera during a very difficult season, and committed to photographing one beautiful thing everyday till I felt better.  Little did I know, in purchasing that “stone of help” I discovered one of


my greatest joys and life mission. The privilege of getting to capture a moment, give it back to a person, and show them how their life is so precious, so beautiful, so worthy to be remembered, is why I photograph. After capturing my sisters become brides, then wives, then mothers, I decided to turn my “stone of help” into a bedrock foundation, invite the outside world into my artwork, and launch Lael Primrose Photography in 2015.

A unique part of my photography is that unlike other artists I’m not interested in capturing the perfect pose of your Christmas card. I will deliver you that asset but it will be in between frames of your true laugh, your toddler’s tantrum, the patriarch delivering one more dad joke.  I commit to taking portraits of your honest, blessed, chaotic, oh so beautiful life, and I promise you won’t be disappointed in the you I see.


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I’m here to tell your story, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. Many of my clients have become what I call “Legacy Collections” which means that I have had the honor of photographing their moments from Engagement through the births of their children.  Along with traditional photo shoots I also offer :           

Seasonal Mini-Shoots

10 Minute slot sessions in a location chosen and staged by me. You get to choose, your outfit, your company and your smile. A guarantee of at least 10 digital assets usually come out of these very affordable little projects.

Engagement & Wedding Packages

I choose to bundle engagement and wedding portraits as its important for us to really understand how we jive before the Big Day. Engagement sessions gives me the opportunity to learn how you interact with your partner and the camera as well as what poses you’re comfortable exploring.  

Honest Moments Subscription

A limited number of subscriptions are available for this 12 month project that I am OH SO EXCITED about. How does it work?  I come into your life for 30 minutes every month at a preset date. I witness and photograph whatever “normal” looks like on that day, then deliver (at least) 5 Digital assets of my time in your life per month. In November your session evolves into an hours length to include a “Holiday Card” sitting.  At the end of the year  a beautiful bound Editorial story of your past year is produced for purchase. 

Happy Clients

“She was amazing at getting our large and wild family into position for the posed photos, and also took the best candids I have ever seen for a wedding…We really wanted the atmosphere of the celebration to come through and did not want a lot of staged pictures. Lael captured that vibe exactly. Every step of the way- from planning to the big day- Lael took care of us and helped make our day perfect!”

“She had such an amazing way of working with my kids, capturing their crazy spirits while also being able to show their happy personalities, even when they weren’t quite cooperating…she plays with them, making them comfortable in front of the camera.”

“Superior professionalism! Lael is magical in her ability to navigate both the challenging and tender moments that can surround a wedding. Her commitment to drawing out the best of each moment is shown in the unique quality she captures in every shot. I highly recommend her for your most cherished moments, her skills truly knows no bounds.”

“Lael is so great at making each person in our family feel special and seen. I appreciate the way she can turn an ordinary moment into a special memory…My favorite photos with Lael are the ones taken around our home, when we’re just living a regular day. She has a special knack for capturing the beauty and whimsy in the ordinary moments of life. Gifted at capturing relationships, I love seeing the way I love in her photos.”

“…one of the best decisions we made for our wedding and engagement photos. Lael’s brilliant bubbly personality allows her to capture authentic moments with amazing angles and artistic backgrounds. This made the photo shoots more enjoyable with awesome pictures and great memories!

“She has the unique gift of being able to read her clients, knowing exactly what it is they find beautiful and flattering…I have never felt self conscious or uncomfortable during our shoots, she makes the experience so effortless and natural feeling. She’s truly a blessing to work with.”

“From the moment we met for coffee to go over our hearts with her, we felt seen and known. Our wedding photos also proved this to be true. Lael is a true artist with an eye for the heart. Now that we are married, we can’t wait to have her continue to capture our family for years to come.”

“Lael makes getting photos of my family such a joy. She is knowledgeable while being relaxed, creative and flexible, which is especially helpful for shooting images of our toddler! The pictures we have from our sessions with Lael are the ones that are framed and scattered throughout my house. Every fall we get updated photos with her and it’s one of the highlights for me!”

I love sharing what I do

Let’s get started Capturing your memories