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infrequently asked QUESTIONS

  For the Photographer of Honest moments
If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be and why?

Oh I would love to be a Quaking Aspen in Autumn. I can’t get enough of their striped white trunks and flaming yellow leaves. Also Aspens are known for their medicinal properties, that and the fact that they share a root system with their entire grove makes me feel like I could very much relate. I value self-care and love exploring with holistic remedies. I also feel very rooted in my friends and family, so there your go, healing, rooted, and funky to look at.

What is the most memorable photograph you've captured?

My all time favorite photo I’ve ever had the privilege of catching was a blurry black and white snap shot of my parents dancing in their kitchen at Christmas time. Behind them one of my sisters laughs and pours herself another cup of the ever-flowing coffee percolator. You can see my mom’s special holiday lights and Christmas dishes, but most importantly you can see how happy they were in that moment. All their girls home, warm food, and precious memories to be made.  I loved being able to take a picture that really froze that moment in time, so I can always go back to it.

How might you design a spice rack for the blind?

Hm, I would start with designing different shapes for sweet vs. savory, square and cylindrical would do nicely. Then I suppose I would make it 13 shelves tall so that I could be alphabetized in order (2 letters per shelf). Lastly I would label them with brail scratch and sniff stickers, so that one could explore their whimsy creating new combinations by scent.

Are you a hunter or a gatherer?

What an interesting thing to consider. I think I’m a gatherer.. I usually accept what comes my way rather than go after any particular goal or prize. I like to reap the fruit of a moment rather that search for a specific vsion. That makes me a gatherer yes?

I love sharing what I do

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